The sole inspiration for this idea was visit to Hollywood, CA. Thanks to HackTech, I got this opportunity to explore Hollywood and get this idea. Also the interactions and conversations I had with local aspiring actors in Hollywood who are in a constant struggle to get that one break. There are many such actors who spend their whole life to get noticed and a chance to prove themselves and don't make it.

Morgan Freeman is a living example of a great actor who waited decades to get his first break. There are numerous great Hollywood personalities who were discovered by accidents and got the chance of their lifetime to make it big at Hollywood. The app is focused on making those interactions probability from very very very rare to quite possible. The app focuses on making sure aspiring actor lead a normal life and always have a plan B. It focuses on the rising problem in Hollywood, not becoming homeless. It has potential of becoming a mixture of airbnb, linkedIn and social media, all in one for aspiring actors.

But the real question is, Do you need to be an aspiring actor to actually become an Actor ? NO!!!

You just need the passion for it.

What it does

Basically the app will be designed to be used by either general aspiring actors / users and people who are looking for actors like film directors, celebrities, producers, managers, music artists etc. The App will focus on giving options to all stakeholders and making interactions chances more than it would ever be.

From actor point of view, it is currently focussed around Hollywood area but can be used worldwide. Actors will have their profile like linkedIn where they will upload their portfolio links, photoshoot albums, about themselves and introducing a new feature where they would record themselves acting a particular scene and upload it. They can assign tags to it like emotional, comedy, action etc, which can be searched by people looking for actors.

From actor seeker view, it can be a great productivity tool. During traveling, waiting at restaurants you can look aspiring actors around you and and look for particular tags.

Example - if I am Christopher Nolan and want an Indian actor for a scene in my film, every other Indian actors I know are not in my budget (chances are very low lol). I went to this restaurant and started looking their employees who are connected to app. I found an Indian guy for role and I like his looks, facial features, his acting and he is perfect fo the role - That's it! Connect or ask your manager to contact the guy.

The actor can ask their friends and other people to review them and endorse them just like linkedin.

How I built it

Currently this is just an Idea but I am planning on using React Native and JavaScript to make the app. Various APIs can help me build it smoothly like google map API to locate the workplace of aspiring actor near you. IBM Watson Personality API to get personality insight for quick match according to director/ Actor seeker need. Also I may use PayPal API to get the payment setting set up for general service charges.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was to accept the Idea is doable. I was working in a team, teammates didn't like the idea so I gave up. I started working with them on something but I am fairly new to coding world and wasn't quite productive. In last 10 hours for submission, I changed my mind and decided to present my Idea even if it is not a working model.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first ever hackathon where I have worked alone and decided to actually do what I want to do. Hackathons are supposed to be environment that encourage you to think out out the box. I didn't get intimidated by APIs and language use dilemma.

What's next for ActInIt

ActInIt will indeed become a working, functioning app. I will continue working on it. If you like the Idea and would like contribute then please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Email -

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