We wanted to make a music selection process more personal. To make it easy and natural for everyone, allowing the data coming from smartphones and smartwatches to automatically create a music playlist that perfectly matches one's current mood and activity.

What it does

Actify monitors the data from HealthKit on your AppleWatch or iPhone, analyzes it and builds a perfect playlist based on the calories you burn, the distance you walk and the workout you do. If you were a little lazy during the day, it can provide you with some motivational tracks. At the end of the day, the playlist will contain more chilling tracks that are perfect to listen before going to bed, or maybe some tracks that will provide you a final boost to make the day more bright. The playlists are updated seamlessly without any effort. Actify will also send push notifications once in a while to grab your attention so that you do not miss perfect track compilation!

How we built it

Spotify is an iOS app build with the help of Objective-C. It uses HealthKit framework to gather activity data and Spotify as a music platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to complete the whole app in just one day!

What we learned

During development we get to know the beauty Spotify API, HealthKit framework. We also built the first music player UI in our life!

What's next for Actify

More accurate music selection and health parameters analysis

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