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Our inspiration came from the issue that getting information about sport activities in Montreal is difficult due to the lack of online and digital services to access it. There is a decentralization of information between all services points (community and sport centers). Moreover, the city is missing oversight on these facilities. This prevents the city from taking informed financial decisions regarding their sport facility budget management.

What it does

Our project is divided in three applications. The first one is dedicated to citizens wishing to participate in city activities. Users can submit search queries using filters to cater their needs. For example, they can find locations that offer free play sessions of a specific sport on a particular date and time. As for the second application, it is geared to be used by people in charge of sport/community centers. They can provide information about the centers they manage. This ease of information access would attract more clients to these centers making it profitable for them. The third application is to supply the city with data and statistics on citizens' use of sport facilities. Our application can help them make informed budget choices.

How we built it

We have developed our mobile application using the Ionic framework, allowing it to be crossplatform. On Heroku, we deployed a simple node.js server with the Express middleware. It is responsible of communicating with the Mongodb database hosted on mlab. We used Google Maps API to pin our locations and their Geocoding API to translate addresses and coordinates.

Challenges we ran into

It was challenging to parse data we used that was provided by the city. They came from different data sets, were in different formats (eg: XML, GeoJson) and did not offer all the information we needed. There is also a lack of data regarding all the sport facilities in Montreal. Manually having to search for them is considerably difficult for us. However, we envision the potential of crowd source this data through this project.

What's next for ActiCity

When facilities start using this application, the dataset will grow much larger. This will allow our statistics platform to offer more detailed information regarding the population and their sport activities. We hope this will allow the city to make smart decisions for their budgets.

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