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💡 Inspiration

  • Since 2020 there has seen the rise of social activism, especially on social media.
  • Everyone is at home, so we're are spending more time on our phones and paying more attention to the news, especially news on violent hate crimes, police brutality, mass shootings, climate change, and more saddening news.
  • Many people want to help and join different movements but didn’t have anywhere to learn and get started.
  • Also, their alot of movements that are invisible and need a platform to share the importance of their movement and how others can help.

How can we propel rising social activism movements on social media platforms to maintain long-term engagement and support?

📢 What it does

Act!ve is a user-oriented, one-stop-shop platform that aims at maintaining social awareness and social activism by educating and presenting accessible, actively automated solutions such as petitions, protests, and campaigns to our users.

We help our users:

  • Get Motivated: Create goals and track personal progress whether that's money donated, hours spent volunteering, education articles read, petitions signed, etc. We found that users are more likely to stay motivated if they can track the progress they’ve made.

  • Get Educated: Access a database of up-to-date resources to help you get educated while also being able to save resources for later and also mark education experiences are completed.

  • Get Involved: Filter through a database of activities based on their cause, budget, location, time commitment, and more. Favorite and save activities for a later date. Mark activities as “not interested” so that activities are tailored to your interests. Sign petitions through the app with the click of a button. Reaching out to local, state, and federal government members becomes easier with letter templates and call scripts.

🔨 How we built it

Technologies Used

Google Docs & Draw

  • We used google docs during the ideating & brainstorming phase.
  • We used Google draw to map out features & MVPs.


  • We made the design system & branding on Figma (color, typography, etc.).
  • We made low & high-fidelity.


  • I tried to code some of my screens, but it didn't completely come out functioning, but I learned alot trying. :)


I used a design thinking framework.

  1. Empathize
  2. Define the problem
  3. Ideate
  4. Prototype
  5. Test
  • Problem: With the new movements on the rise, teens and adults struggle on how to join these movements and how to help, as new & upcoming activists.
  • Question (HMW): How can we propel rising social activism movements on social media platforms to maintain long-term engagement and support?
  • We will need to: Bring an application that allows youths and adults that want
  • Solution: A mobile application that allows users to learn about different movements and causes, as well as, take action by signing petitions, donating, etc. all in one place.
  • Impact: Anyone can become an activist and help make a change despite their age or knowledge. Movements can get support and allies.
  • Main audience: Teens and Adults (15-35)
  • How our app meets the needs of the various audience: For New Activist -provides them a platform to learn and get involved with various movements with no hassle. For Movements/Causes -provides them with new and helpful supporters and allies.
  • Design System: The user interface is clean, simple, and easy to use for our target audience (business owners.) The use of purple represents strength, transformation, and power.

😤 Challenges we ran into

  • Finding teammates to create a project with.
  • Trying to learn code and implement my designs into code.
  • Working on the hack alone, as I am a beginner.
  • Time constraints

🏆 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completing a useful & impactful project on time despite the challenges stated above.
  • Completing all screens on time and by myself.
  • Making my prototype fully clickable.

📖 What we learned

  • We learned more about user personas & user research
  • We learned more about app design and UI
  • We learned about using my research to create the UX
  • We learned about design systems (typography, color, branding, etc.)
  • We learned a little bit about HTML & CSS even though we weren’t able to implement them during this hackathon

🚀 What's next for Act!ve

Act!ve does not & will not stop at the end of this hackathon! It will continue with the help of developers & investors. So if you, judge, or hackathon participant know anyone wanting to join in the creation of an activism/community engagement app, let me know! Here's our launch plan:

Part I:

  • Finalize platform and educational functionalities.
  • Initiate outbound marketing and sales.
  • Leverage GenZ & Youth Activist ambassadors.

Part II

  • Pilot test in USA high schools & Colleges
  • Integrate user feedback
  • Integrate new features
  • Monetize further

Potential New Features

  • History: include the history and more background information on certain movements, groups, and organizations.
  • Voting: include a place where users can learn more about upcoming elections of various officials (City Council, Presidential, Mayoral, etc.). Learn more about candidates and can ultimately vote on our platform.
  • ** Messaging:** include a section to meet new activist and organization heads (new and/or old) to partner or even plan protests and events. To help continue broadening their activist/activism networks.

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