Our team has a background in psychology and cares deeply of those in need. According to the president of Lithuanian psychology association, who’s on board with us, enquiries for psychological support are rising daily. Official COVID-19 hotline is extremely busy already handling various people in fear. Moreover, mental health is the future of healthcare. Already now depression causes the biggest burden of disease, globally costing around 4% of GDP. Emotional imbalance often leads to harmful behaviour. Yet people have different needs when it comes to psychological support. As the world becomes more digitized, so will the mental care. Connecting certified professionals with those who need the service they provide is the only way forward.

What it does

The purpose of AOC is to create a culture of support and unity, bring people together in difficult times, encourage dialogue and motivate self-care. AOC App is a safe place where you can talk anonymously to the community and take part in one-to-one meetings with certified professionals, wherever you happen to be.

How we built it

We've gathered for the AOC purpose during the online hackathon Hack The Crisis which took place on the 20-22 March 2020. We've built it together using our strongest powers in psychology, partnerships with trusted mental health institutions, software development, marketing and design.

Challenges we ran into

  • unstable working hours (all joined on a volunteering basis during their free time after working hours)
  • a huge need to develop our solution fast yet good quality
  • lack of funding to proceed with this fulltime
  • unclear sustainability regarding monetisation of the service

Accomplishments that we're proud of

in 2 weeks we

  • won 2 prizes: 1000eur investment from philanthropist Vladas Lasas and a seat at Startup Wise Guys accelerator.
  • 99% of the AOC App built
  • 100+ hours/week given by certified professionals who've joined us on a volunteering basis and are willing to consult people 1on1 via video calls during Covid19
  • 300+ likes on Facebook in 3 days
  • 3 legit partnering organisations (Jaunimo linija, Kriziu iveikimo central and Psichikos sveikatso perspektyvos) verifying our certified professionals
  • supporting partners including JTO representative Ele Archi, prof. Dainius Puras (Vilnius University), Valija Sap (president of Lithuanian Psychology association), Vladas Lasas (philanthropist) and many more.
  • PR strategy, homepage, Facebook and Linkedin accounts
  • the team of professionals within mental health and IT sectors connected from 4 countries

What's next for Act On Crisis

  • Launch the App
  • increase amount of hours of professional emotional support covered
  • work on brand identity and design
  • PR (soc media, social groups, TV, news)
  • develop better user experience within the app (community rooms and personalised selection of the certified professional experiencing emotional imbalance)
  • maintain the core AOC team fulltime
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