We are an interdisciplinary collective of designers, strategists, developers, project managers, psychologists and copywriters that want to make a difference in the world. Surely, we all know that the current Covid19 crisis has a major impact on all of our lives and we wanted to do something about it. This crisis forces society to change behavior and mindset long-lastingly. But it also has an effect on an even bigger crisis - climate change. Now people can notice the environment changes in act as, for example, you can suddenly see the vanishing of smog in certain usually heavily polluted areas. We would like to use this momentum and make the world more livable.

During our user research we found out that there is a Mindset/Behavior Gap of Millennials. They want to be part of the environmental revolution, but they are lost when it is about what concrete and small things they can do to contribute. And if so, they want to share their engagement with their social audience for self-promotion. We plan to make the user aware of what impact easy tasks can have on their local community and the world. With a gamified app we want to show that building a better livable future can be reached by conscious and consistent effort, both individually and collectively. Its efficiency is based on advising tasks, tracking and sharing achieved goals to make the impact on the world transparent and visible to the whole community.

Built With

  • application
  • ios
  • native
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