The purpose of this project is to stop political and civic bystander-ship and extend 'slacktivism' into real-life, tangible & measurable impact.

Built with Node.js, MongoDB, and React.js -- all hosted on Google App Engine.


During a lot of difficult political crises & controversies that spark activism, several things are commonly seen:

  • people who are clearly passionate about the issue, but whose passion is only reflected via social media activity and nothing more

  • people who'd like to provide tangible help but are too detached from the issue to know how to

  • etc

What act. does is solves those issues -- it allows activists/civically-engaged and informed people to take such social issues and connect them to micro-tasks that are easily executable by the average person on the Internet, while also having significant positive social impact on the issue being addressed.


Here's an example of how act. is intended to be used: http://act.surge.sh/how/BJzkVgvYe

It's all open source as well: http://github.com/krrishd/act-frontend, http://github.com/krrishd/act-backend

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