We wanted to leverage the power of internet users to create a crowd-sourced solution to a common problem -- not knowing what that damn acronym stands for!

What it does

We inject a small script to scrape your webpage for any words similar to an acronym. We then compare it across our HUGE (not really) database to tell us what all the different possibilities it could be. By using context clues and help from our users, we can help decrypt that acronym! Oh, we didn't get it right? Submit your own acronyms to help future users :)

How we built it

With the power of 30 fingers and 3 keyboards, we slapped this together in about 20 hours. Pairing a Google Chrome extension with React was, and we a had a great time playing with JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Not to brag, but we only spent 3 hours trying to tunnel into the database -- how fun! Other challenges include the IP changing constantly, minimal documentation on a chrome extension/react hybrid app, and of course sleep deprivation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The entire team learned MongoDB for the first time, and a couple of us just broke into React. It's a very exciting time. We are personally super proud of our web-scraping abilities to populate the database, and our willingness not to fall asleep.

What we learned

Sometimes you just gotta console.log everything, there was no shame here. We also learned that Dax loves free t-shirts and running the same code hoping for a change. A nobel feat of ours was injecting scripts onto pages to mess with their DOM and how time consuming it can be to tailor 7000 lines of CSV data.

What's next for AcroName - Your personal acronym assistant

We'd like to improve our prediction algorithm by creating a frequency map of all words on the page to cross reference with our unique tags. This will strengthen our results when stumbling across an ambiguous acronym. We will also be deploying it to the Chrome Web Store so be sure to check there soon. ♥

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