Read about a farmer who received numerous microloans, still turned away by banks. He owned land and made money from his harvest. He was financially excluded, trapped her in a debt repayment cycle

What it does

We help facilitate borrowers and investors get microloans. We store all transactions in a blockchain so there is a permanent record to hopefully build:

Unforgettable Credit Rating – user unable to erase credit history Certification System – other users testify if goal was achieved or not Fraud – disincentivised as will be apparent across network

How we built it

Ark, Flask, Azure

Challenges we ran into

Blockchain learning curve, web issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned how to create our own blockchain using Ark and create a fairly decent platform

What we learned

Blockchain and why microloans are important

What's next for Acred

Possibilities are endless

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