Infusionsoft nurtures leads and customers. is a customer acquisition engine.'s job is to fill your Infusionsoft account with high-quality leads and customers, without spending any money.

Here's the problem. You need more customers. You don't have an infinite marketing budget. To make matters worse, you aren't sure which marketing methods are working, and which are an utter waste of precious-time and precious-money. To compound the problem, you are busy running and bulding your business, the last thing you need is another pile of reports and spreadsheets to try and figure out your marketing.

That's where comes in. is Artificial Intelligence driven. It learns what drives customers to you from the information in Infusionsoft. Then it uses that knowledge to bring you new customers through social media.

The problem with social media marketing is the same as with other marketing. What to post? Most businesses don't know what to post. Are you wasting your time? Are you posting the right things? Are you attracting customers, or time-wasting-leads? What should you post more of? What's an utter waste of time? Do you need more spreadsheets to try to figure it out? learns what drives customers to you. Fortunately you have a powerful collection of information right at your fingertips, Infusionsoft! will analyze your leads and sales to learn what actually drives sales. More importantly, learns what kinds of leads are best, and most likely to turn into sales.

When you use with Infusionsoft, will tell you exactly what to post to attract customers, and grow your user base. It will constantly learn more and more. The more it learns, the better content it gives you to post, to attract better customers.

Here's how it works. will suggest articles for you to post to social media. It will then track what people read, and what attracts leads and customers. It will then input this information into Infusionsoft, and continue to learn from them. Finally, will determine the difference between time-wasting-leads and leads that turn into customers.'s Artificial Intelligence will then adapt, and give you a new set of content to post on social media. Only, this new set will be smarter, and more tailored to attracting your best customers. This cycle will repeat, over and over. Each time, getting smarter and smarter.

Wait, there's more.

Obviously, the more information's Artificial Intelligence has, the faster and better it can learn. So to make this easier for you, we've also built an easy-to-use interface to bring more information into Infusionsoft.

We've included a collection of the top-performing landing pages as recommended by industry leaders such as AppSumo, LeadPages, Unbounce and others. These landing pages work instantly, easily, and can be set up in seconds. They are designed to connect any other marketing you do, and feed extra knowledge about your customers into Infusionsoft so's AI can use it to get smarter, faster. You don't have to do anything. The information and learning is automatic.

If you use Adwords or Pay-Per-Click, these landing pages are smart. They automatically adapt to the keywords. Plus, the keyword marketing information is automatically integrated into Infusionsoft. You don't have to do anything, the adapting, information and learning is all automatic.

Plus, we've also included a customer-service, web chat function. By adding a simple link (easier than adding an email address link to your website), you get a chat function. But this customer service chat interface is much smarter. Not only does it integrate into Infusionsoft, but it is smart, and infuses Infusionsoft with profiling information that's AI will use to get smarter, and attract more customers.

An Added Bonus:

All this information and profile gathering information is available to you in Infusionsoft. If you contact a lead by email or phone, you will be able to see exactly what keywords brought them in, and what information they read that attracted them to you. So you can craft a more powerful, customized sales message for them.

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