What it does

The Acorn Qualification Application has been built according to the App 2: Qualification for a remote audit specifications. The app is designed to allow a Certification Body to efficiently assess a CoC company's requirements, inputs, and spatial data.

The application shows a list of companies in the database, and the Certification Body can select a company to view more information about the company. On the subsequent page, the list of company requirements and inputs are shown. Through this interface, the Certification Body can add notes to each requirement and flag each requirement if necessary. There is also an Esri ArcGIS map component that shows geospatial data.

How we built it

We built the qualification app using ReactJS with Material UI as our front-end framework, Express for middleware, and Node.js for our back-end scripting. We used dynamics 365, to store our own data, alongside the data that was provided to us from FSC. For our ESRI map, we used the provided Deforestation WFSLayer alongside several open-source Feature Layers, to provide the most relevant information to the auditors. We use Docusign's e-Signature API for the final signature ceremony process, and the entire app is hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the ESRI Map was challenging due to WFSLayers not being supported in the latest version of the ARCGIS Javascript API, requiring us to downgrade to an older version to be able to build out the Map with ESRI Overlay. In the end, it was very successful and we were able to create a map combining 4 different layers that provide the auditor with relevant data that will help greatly when auditing companies for FSC approval. Another huge challenge for us was integrating Dynamics 365 and building out the APIs to connect to that database. Since we also collaborated with 2 other teams, we needed integration support for all of their data schemas as well, which made communication between the teams crucial.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of putting the entire application together and connecting the application with a variety of technologies.

What we learned

For this hackathon, we learned to use a variety of services that we had never used before, including DocuSign APIs and Esri ArcGIS and Geocoding APIs.

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