Many people don't know what a smart contract is and many developers aren't familiar with their construction. Our projected aims to provide a platform for those people that serves as a learning place for creating contracts and sending first transactions in the native language they are already familiar with.

Pitch deck:

What it does

With Acordo, you can generate a Solidity smart contract base in code as you type them in human language. Once this code is generated, you can edit however you like in our code editor, share it through Skynet, and then easily port it over to Remix or some other IDE. You'll also be able to send transactions from the platform using sentences.

How we built it

We analyze the test to look for keywords using SpaCy that helps us understand what the users trying to built and we translate that into a smart contract using OpenZeppelin.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding how some python libraries worked, core NLP toolkits, and integrating them into a webserver.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to generate contracts on the fly and upload them to

What we learned

NLP and solidity constructs

What's next for Acordo

Use more languages - i.e. allow Spanish, Korean, etc. to translate into Smart contracts Generate your contracts using voice commands. Extend the parsing ability of the Acordo contract generator. Create a full platform of human-powered strings that can mutate and access different blockchains.

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