Too often corruption runs unchecked and unreported due to a fear of repercussions. We developed ACNI (Anti-Corruption Network International) to make combatting corruption more accessible.

What it does

ACNI facilitates anonymous reporting of corruption incidents, and then visualizes these reports so that they can be easily comprehended and analyzed.

How I built it

ACNI is build using Ruby on Rails. Although this site is only a demo and the backend has not been fully implemented yet, we hope to finish the back-end, redevelop the front-end, and include more data visualizations.

Challenges I ran into

We are all budding Rails developers, and so had some difficulty navigating backend development in such a condensed time period!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This team consists of both IR/Economics majors and CS majors, and we are proud of how we collaborated and combined our talents to create this project. We are also proud of the thought processes that went into designing this system, even if we did not manage to completely implement it in one night.

What I learned

All of us have learned a lot about system design, Ruby on Rails, and data visualization.

What's next for ACNI

We plan to finish developing ACNI later this semester!

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