Project: Pidgeon

Presented by: The Penguin Mafia

What is Project: Pidgeon?

Project: Pidgeon is a drone with an installed probe that allows the user to collect atmospheric information.

But how?

The probe collects air samples from the atmosphere and then returns the collected data to the connected base. The base then can run algorithms that can determine locations where storms are more likely to form, and also where the atmosphere is more acidic intended to give authorities and the general public a faster time to respond and take corresponding action.

In a nutshell,

ph => time it takes until rain
time => location it will rain. 
Neural Network => uses forecasts to predict chances of acid rain; uses altitude + jet streams to predict location
Probe => samples the air for Ph and possibly other content such as CO2

Visual Representation

This repository includes the source code for the web based interface of the Pidgeon Acid Rain prediction systemâ„¢.

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