The most prominent intent that we had in while while developing this project is that asexuality, even now, is not just an underrepresented sexuality but also rather an unacknowledged one even. There are places for straight or even to a small extent the LGBT to connect with their fellows online and have heart to heart conversations with their peers. Dating apps are available for most sexualities, as in GRUFF, Tinder and others. However, asexuality is still unfortunately very underrepresented. Therefore, through this web application, we have tried to help provide a safe space for aces to be themselves and connect.

What it does

Acender is a safe online space for asexual individuals to seek public support groups, connect with like-minded people and to form strong bonds. We intend to give them the safe haven they they deserve without the fear of judgment or being misunderstood. We will also try to include sample articles and papers that make understanding asexuality for others easier and for asexuals to fully understand themselves too. There will also be a couple of other fun features for them to interact with each other and enjoy themselves on the application that we are still ideating on. A chat room will be available for like-minded people to interact, unbiased of their orientation!

How we built it

We made the front end side of the website using HTML 5, CSS 3, JS and Bootstrap framework. The peer chat room itself has been built using and Node.js.

Challenges we ran into

  • We had completely developed the front end side of a Tinder web app using MERN stack during the weekend and we were trying to build a dating app strictly for aces, however, couldn't integrate that together with the project due to less time.
  • Researching and humbling ourselves with as to how much about the spectrum we are still ignorant of and the long way that we still need to go was a weird feeling and it inspired us to develop this project even further.
  • From a technological point of view, it was our very first time ever working with and deploying it accordingly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are really proud of the UI that we have built during the weekend and how it is in sync with the colors of the asexuality pride flag.
  • It was touch to render the chat app alongside the rest of our HTML file and we are happy that we could make it work in the end!

What we learned

  • We learned to be kinder and more patient towards our ace fellows and to sensitize others too through our project.
  • We also learnt to deploy multi room chat applications and to make responsive web apps.

What's next for Acender

  • Perhaps the best feature of Acender would have been what we couldn't end up completing during the narrow weekend. Unfortunately, we couldn't complete it on time and that would surely be next in line for Acender.
  • Adding random matching algorithms for fellow aces through questionnaires so that they could connect.
  • Adding pride filter cameras and snaps.
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