What it does

It proposes a new way for students to learn their favorite subjects and help them get a better learning experience by using gamification. The user can have control on the best way to study without getting bored or giving up by choosing self study mode where he can have access to recorded videos made by teachers, or study group where he can have the ability to study with friends and sharing knowledge with each other by creating a group study and adding friends to it. There are maybe some friends that are not using the plateform or still don't know about it but no worries the user can invite his friends by sending an invite link to use the app or if his friends are already in the app he can add them directly by adding their respective IDs. Then there will be a text chat option and video chat option. By completing more and more exercises and achievements the user can earn a badge of completion and points that will make him go upper on a leaderboard that will be updated in real time.

How we built it

Challenges We ran into

The main difficulties that we faced were the lack of time and finding the good way to have the most accurate code and to implement the features we were thinking about.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

What We learned

Teamwork, working with new technologies such as Node and Express, brainstorming new ideas...

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