Self checkout is as fun as dragging your heels through a mile of broken glass Never have I self checked and not encountered a frustrating glitch. Either the barcode won't scan or the weight won't read properly.

What it does

What if shopping were as natural as walking in and taking what you wanted? In a perfect world this would be a designer's ultimate dream.

AceCart makes shopping as natural as placing an item into your cart and leaving the store, all without the need for special modification to packaging or any additional tagging.

AceCart is a modified shopping cart that is equipped with hardware and electronics that will recognize products by their image design. When you see an item that you want to purchase, simply place it into the shopping cart and a camera will use computer vision to recognize the packaging of the product. This is then fed into a tablet computer which will work as a POS.

Imagine how much time you could save if you didn't need to unload, scan and pack everything in your cart!

How we built it

The following hardware is equipped into each AceCart.

A weight sensing surface. Several cameras. A tablet computer. Card reader.

The idea is that when browsing through the store, the on board GPS will maintain a list of products within the vicinity. Upon placing an item in the cart, the scale will measure the weight and the computer vision algorithm detects the product. This provides three-layer verification of a product and will be very accurate.

When the on board GPS detects that you have exited the bounds of the store, AceCart will debit your payment method automatically.

Business Plan

Penetrate the market with wholesale clubs

Your average Costco contains roughly 5,000 products. Compared to an average supermarket's 50,000+ items, it would be much more practical to mvp at a wholesale club.

We would like to initially position AceCart as a feature exclusively for Executive Club members. This will incentive shoppers to upgrade in order to experience AceCart's no-line features. Additionally, AceCart's low operation cost will be much less than that of an employee. Essentially these two qualities will provide two great revenue boosters for the company.

Enough talk... Show me the money!!

Let's assume each AceCart costs $1,000 per year and 5 are required to displace an employee. A cashier will cost $28,000 per year vs $5,000 per year with 5x Acecart.

If one employee were displaced in every one of the 705 Costcos nation wide, Costco would realize 15M in profit. A 0.13% increase in revenue. Additional Executive incentive would also inflate this figure.

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