Being in third year of university, it was that time of the year where each one of the team members had to go through the dull and tedious process of filling out job applications. Following this tedious process, would generally be an interview of some sort to evaluate the candidate against the job requirements and criteria. However, in today's world, we, as applicants, are able to see a paradigm shift in the classic interview process - most interviews are turning into online (webcam) based interviews which record the candidate's answers and analyze the answers based on machine learning algorithms. Having to answer through a webcam while being timed certainly adds to the nerve racking experience that an interview usually is. Our product, thus helps you to practice your interviewing skills through mock interviews on our website, and provides feedback and tips on how to improve based on multiple machine learning algorithms.

What it does

Our product is a web-application that provides one a platform to practice online interviews and receive quick and accurate feedback on their responses based on machine learning analysis. The experience involves a 2 step process which first: includes a mock webcam based interview and second: provides the user with personalized feedback. The interview questions are behavioural to prevent loss of generality and provide feedback based on various factors including but not limited to: facial expressions, vocabulary used, and delivery of speech. The final phase of the website, provides the feedback in conjunction with graphs that visually depict the statistical performance of the candidate.

How we built it

We used node.js for the back end and express to handle with routing. To transfer data between the client and server, we used The audio is transcribed into text using Watson API and the plots are made with charts.js.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the greatest accomplishments of this project involves being able to provide a solution to others facing the same challenges as us when it comes to online interviews. Knowing that we can make a positive impact amongst many other interviewees through our platform, most definitely adds to the achievements of the team.

What we learned

We gained a great deal of exposure to different API's, machine learning algorithms, and different web architecture design patterns.

What's next for Ace The Interview

The next steps for Ace the Interview involves improving the current platform further by adding our own machine learning techniques to provide more accurate feedback.

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