Being University students, We feel the E-learning System is a bit tiring and boring. So how can we make E-learning fun and engaging?
Hence we came up with an application that could help students enjoy their studies rather than look at it as a task.

What it does

_ ACE _ is an E-learning application that allows students to enjoy their academics from a different point of view. The interactive interface of the augmented reality helps student to quench their curiosity level, achieve-high level of learning passion and inspiration in students. Thus, it also improves imagination and helps in gaining the student's attention.
It also includes a journal so that they can pen down their understanding of the chapters.
The most interesting part of our app is that it uses a recommendation system to suggest activities to students according to their selected interest.

How We built it

We designed our application using Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop and used Adobe Dimension, Adobe Aero & Adobe Creative cloud for creating AR solar system. To implement A.I into our system, we used R programming language for creating Student's performance graphs and used recommenderlab library for recommending activities to student.

Challenges We ran into

1. Time management
2. Difficulty in deciding what features to include and not include
3. Competitive Market
4. Working with AR:
Finding an AR platform to work with was quite hard because we wanted a platform that was easy to work with, requires less memory storage and can be integrated with different types of operating systems. Currently the app employs Adobe Aero and Dimension.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

+ Building An AR model
+ Building a recommendation system from dummy data

What We learned

We learnt that we can achieve anything as long as we are a good team player and dedicated we can achieve anything.To do something like this virtually made us understand that no task is impossible. It is important to choose your team wisely and all your team members are open for discussion and ready to work.

What's next for ACE- A promising future

1)Finding ways to engage students to make their own AR Model and allow themselves to grow with the technology
2) Adding AR feature where any object from our environment can be copied and pasted in our preservation or assignments that allows it to make it more interactive
3) The Student data can be used for further analysis and find ways to predict behavior and suggestions.

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