• We thought the concept of voice-activated chess was really cool, and appreciated the attention to accessibility, something that gets overlooked from time to time. We can see ourselves playing the game in the future!

What it does

Issues we worked on

  • Issue #55 Implement blinking icon to indicate active voice input
  • Issue #54 Allow user to interrupt the computer, when listing board positions
  • Issue #58 Freeze game board when match ends

Issues we opened

  • Issue #63 Found bug: voice prompts are repeating
  • Issue #62 Found bug: inconsistencies with voice dialect

How we built it

  • We worked on the front end, which was built with React and the Azure Speech SDK

Challenges we ran into

  • Definitely diving into a project with a learning curve, especially with the shorter timeline!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Working together to debug and come up with approaches to solving the issues at hand
  • Adding features to a cool project
  • Learning about the speech services

What we learned

  • A little about the Speech SDK and how it's used
  • CSS animations

What's next for the team

  • Continuing to work on projects and contribute to open source

Built With

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