(What can it do: flight info (Emirates, Jet Airways, Vistara), complaints, entertainment linking and links specific to location of person in flight)


Usually there is a series of problems that come up when someone is taking a flight. Though there have been ways in which the experience has been tried to be maximized by the use of android applications and information desks available in every airport. However, there is still a lot of scenarios these days in which problems for people trying to take up the flight takes place. In most of the cases, there is a requirement of a personal assistant for people in helping them travel with ease.

What it does

As discussed, ease of access of information as well as delivering the information to anyone at any point of time is really important. In order to ensure that the whole process is more sublime, we have come up with a simple chatbot that can be used by any passenger anytime to get all information about the flight, whether it is flight details or giving complaints related to anyone or maybe getting some information about how to kill time during the flight. The bot can be asked anything. It helps in making the whole experience better and more peaceful giving more satisfied customers.

How we built it

We used based chatbot for which we trained several labels for natural language processing. We then used wix for hosting a webpage in which we added details related to in-flight entertainment. Apart from that we have also used webVR and unity for making a VR and AR application and webpages that can be used in keep the passengers busy.

Challenges we ran into

Integration of the whole system webVR based virtual environments chatbot training

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing this project and making it working!

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