We had the led matrix and really just went from there. We were pretty interested in the accuweather api after having a small chat with some others about potential uses, but wanted to start small.

What it does

Displays scrolling weather info based on preprogrammed zip code/location key

How I built it

Connected a 32x8 LED matrix to an Esp32 that runs c++ from the arduino IDE, which then connects to the Accuweather API via WiFi

Challenges I ran into

Properly rotating and scrolling text was an issue, as well as grabbing the correct info from the Accuweather api

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the text scrolling was extremely satisfying, as well as getting the Esp32 to connect to wifi, and finally getting it to read from the Accuweather api

What I learned

Use of arduino ide libraries, some arduino IDE quirks, as well as digging throught github forks and forum posts

What's next for Accuweather LED Matrix

We've thought about adding in use input for zipcodes, as we didnt bring any good input methods for an arduino based item, and the hardware lab didnt have any either.

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