Trial Φ Protocol

The Clinical Trials industry is responsible the creation of therapeutic interventions and advancement of medical science. Despite the massive value generation and cashflows this multi-billion dollar industry is crumbling. Even the FDA agrees.

90% of site source documentation is still collected on paper and transcribed into the eCRF system. This is a hinderance to site staff and physician investigators especially as their time would be better spent in other ways.

The need for an electronic system for collecting

The TrialPhi Protocol is a tactically-timed, minimum implementation, clinical protocol template designed to ease the current strain on all stakeholder groups as the reorganization of the clinical trial industry accelerates.

Highlighted Key Features:

  • Blockchain-Agnostic - complete abstraction of individual blockchains into a behind the scenes framework is not that far away and TrialPhi will ready when it happens.
  • Patient-Centered - via outcomes reporting, engagement initiatives, and feedback loops as a governance mechanism
  • Dynamic Endpoints - facilitating the change that is already happening and providing a common foundation to ensure everyone still keeps the same basic goals in mind.

Key Outcomes

  • Improved Participation - from patients and researchers which is an outcome the industry will support and an everybody-wins scenario
  • Reduced Regulatory Burden - 10 years is the average for a drug hit the market for drug approval TK

Table of Contents

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