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What it does

Using object recognition to analyze the behavior in the business. The AI logs information that can be useful to the insurance company, then leading to a more accurate price for the insurance.

AIB is a platform that allows business owners to get better coverage from real time analytics using artificial intelligence.

Simple design

  • User and business info
  • This telematics device is always active, using object recognition, a weather shield, pressure shield, altitude shield, accelerometer, and thermometer
  • Also get real time alerts for hazard warnings straight to your phone like flash floods
  • activity logs used to record environmental behavior which can be exported via pdf to send to insurance providers

Scenario 1: Flood is approaching area of your business, you will get alerted and a log will he created to see whether your business has suffered any damages. If that’s the case, you can make a claim on the same dashboard to your insurance providers.

Scenario 2: You want lower insurance rates and you are a very careful insurance customer as in you close windows and lock doors always. The telematics device records all that with its sensors and camera. Export your logs to your insurance providers and show them proof! Sensors will detect how often you close your windows.

Scenario 3: Flash Flood approaches your area, get alerted and make sure windows and doors are closed.

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