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COVID-19 has held us hostage in our own homes. However, it has also been an opportunity to reflect upon ourselves: finally master that skill we've always wanted to, read that book we've been ignoring on our bookshelf, learn that foreign language or coding language. Staying productive isn't as easy as it sounds, but sometimes all you need is that extra motivation. AccounTwin presents you with the opportunity to grab it!

Our team believes that that extra motivation can come from a partner with shared goals. This partner will not only make it fun and competitive but will also introduce accountability, boosting productivity while striving to complete the goals together.

What it does

It keeps us Happy at Home! ;)

Similar to the dating app Tinder, users are mutually matched based on a check/cross mechanism. Other users are displayed anonymously based on their goals. Once matched, the users can then communicate with each other and disclose the essential information to hold each other accountable. The incentive mechanism makes sure a pair successfully completing their goal is rewarded.

How we built it

We used the MERN stack for the web app. Two of our team members were working on the front-end, while the other two were working on the back-end. We started from scratch; most of the front-end team's work comprised of using React and graphic designing, while using MongoDB, GraphQL and integrations were the tasks of the back-end team.

Challenges we ran into

Not everyone was very familiar with the technology that they were working with, but we pushed our limits and learned in the process! One challenge was connecting MongoDB to our first user data. Since most of the team was relatively new to the MERN stack, routing was both a challenging and pleasant surprise. Moreover, merge conflicts kept arising, which united both sides of the team.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are proud of our idea and believe in its potential to improve productivity. Moreover, every member of the team had something new to learn. Regardless of the challenges we ran into, the team communicated effectively and surpassed those challenges.

What We learned

From learning a new development tool from scratch to running into new issues while using familiar tools, every member of the team has experienced it all with React, GraphQL, MongoDB, and routing. For half of the team, it was their first experience working remotely.

What's next for AccounTwin

The team will continue developing AccounTwin and implement or improve on features such as a point-based incentive system and leaderboards.

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