The benefits of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in logistics industry for small businesses are well known - drones are used in delivering goods, security surveillance, monitoring, etc. We developed a solution for Local Air Traffic Control for Drones (LATCs) - Detecting and monitoring UAVs & Drone traffic to enhance their management and ensure security, privacy and safety of citizens using object detection, decentralized data storage and predictive analysis and presented at MoveHack 2018. We came across OpenTok API, Xero via devpost and got excited to utilize OpenTok and Xero API for developing a complete end to end solution for using drones for delivery of goods by small business including its accounting, billing and tracking solution.

What it does

Our solution enables the startups in logistics space incubated by the government to utilize drones for delivery of small goods within an incubator and utilize the solutions for detecting and monitoring UAVs & Drone traffic to enhance their management and ensure security, privacy and safety of citizens using object detection, decentralized data storage and predictive analysis. Features include -

.Billing and Accounting for drones used for logistics services by startups/small logistics providers.

•Detection : Identifying the drones & UAVs in the video feed using object detection.

•Discovery : Logging the identities of the drones & UAVs flying in a particular air space at any instant of time, using exchange of unique identifiers.

•Geo-fencing : Discovering unlawful presence and raising alarms using the detection & discovery data.

•Monitoring : Looking out and reporting incidents based on event detection in visual data.

•Analysis : Analyzing route patterns and incidents.

•Drone Incident Reporting : Publish drone incident reports, preventive measures and remediation using a decentralized twitter application over the Ethereum blockchain network and Embark Tools.

How we built it

We utilize the OpenTok and Xero API, SAP UI5, Sap Fiori platform, Communication APIs by SendGrid and RingCentral to built the solution. We also utilized Ethereum blockchain for developing a decentralized rating and review system for drones used by business for logistics services.

Note about Ethereum blockchain: Ethereum is a platform that is intended to allow people to easily write decentralized applications (Đapps) using blockchain technology. A decentralized application is an application which serves some specific purpose to its users, but which has the important property that the application itself does not depend on any specific party existing. Rather than serving as a front-end for selling or providing a specific party's services, a Đapp is a tool for people and organizations on different sides of an interaction used to come together without any centralized intermediary.

Our solution offers an Artificial Intelligence-based object detection system that utilizes blockchain solutions for sorting information obtained from a variety of management bodies, cameras deployed at monitoring spots.

Our app will provide the requisites features to share security conditions and remotely monitor the management policies in a place using used and broken phones and tablets, alarm clocks, internet connection, sync service, integration with IP cameras, raise safety alarms. The cost of deployment and added technology is limited which could help the businesses living in a variety of geographical regions.

We also plan to utilize SocialCalc, one of our open source spreadsheet projects and customize it for developing monitoring and management application. Features include Tabulation that enables the user to enter and edit data in a tabular format; Organization that enables the user to organize the tabular matter in several forms, Facilitates sorting of numeric data, comments to increase ease of understanding of data, names to access data in different modalities, clipboard function; Collaboration and the ability to support sharing of data over the network and multi-user editing and Interoperability between SocialCalc and Excel (.xls format), csv format.

Challenges we ran into

We found it difficult to utilize blockchain solution for development and deployment on a testnet. We received considerable help from the Ethereum community.

Accomplishments we are proud of

Wish to share that we recently won Get In The Ring India event organized under the aegis of SAP Startup Studio and had a conversation with Mr. Dinesh Rao, VP Software at SAP Labs after the event. We discussed about Connected Data Eco-system and SAP's efforts in that direction. We also discussed about the SAP's Hana and Leonardo (iot) platform. We were also approached by the Director of SAP's Leonardo iot platform to collaborate with them in a variety of efforts. We look forward to integrating our Xero API integrated solution for drones used in logistics services with SAP Hana Cloud solution and SAP Leonardo Platform and distribute to the government via the current SAP channel.

Future Plans

Business Model after the hackathon - Our business model has two aspects:

One Time Revenue: Sale of Software as a Service platform Recurring Revenue: Subscription service for usage of Mobile Application

We plan to have 2 channels:

B2B (Business to Business) : This will aim to serve business like mature startups, co-working spaces, business training organizations, Government and startup service providers.

B2C (Business to Consumer): This arm of the sales team will focus on startups and sell the product as a value added service on their mobile phones and computers.

We also intend to partner with a network provide to bring our network usage cost down and Co-brand our product.

We want to start with startups, incubators and startup accelerators as it would help them monitor the operational efficiencies, accessibility and assessment and help us provide scale. After that we want to target tablet, desktop and smart phone manufacturers to have this product as a factory fitted feature on their products.

Once we achieve scale using these platforms we want to start retail sales for business solutions.

A key channel we wish to focus on strongly is that of Indian government partnership. With Indian government focusing more and more on cost effective delivery of loans for every startup, we believe by working closely with the Indian government, we will be able to get scale and achieve sustainability and impact.

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