We were primarily inspired by our struggles with procrastination and motivation as college students. However, we were also concerned about social good, which ended up tying into the charity aspect of the app.

What it does

The AccountaBuddy app is your buddy to hold you accountable! The app lists task along with corresponding deadlines and dollar amounts. If a task is not completed within the deadline, the amount of money specified is taken from the user's account and donated to a charity of their choice.

How we built it

We used Android Studio as the IDE to develop the app and used Firebase to store user data and login info. We also used Github for version control and collaboration purposes.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our challenges centered around learning the tools we were working with. All four of us came into the hackathon with a very limited knowledge of Android Studio, Firebase, and Github which proved challenging. We also struggled a lot with trying to implement Xpring cryptocurrency and eventually decided to just get the app working and add the cryptocurrency functionality later.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the little things. We are proud of how we now know how to navigate through app pages in Android Studio. We are proud that we figured out enough about databases to create a login page/user profile with Firebase. We are proud we were able branch and merge on Github without accidentally corrupting any code. Most of all, we are proud that we persevered through the challenges and the lack of sleep to learn and create.

What we learned

On the technical side, we learned how to use Android Studio, Firebase, and Github. But aside from that, we learned the importance of planning, prototyping, and proper communication.

We learned that when everyone was tired and frustrated, a team walk outside did the trick. Also, we learned how much funnier everything becomes in the middle of the night.

What's next for AccountaBuddy

AccountaBuddy has a bright future.

First we are adding a social feature so that a users can add friends and see their progress as a percentage of completed tasks and amount of money donated. This will also be expanded to allow users to designate a friend to verify that the user has completed their task to ensure honesty and thus the highest degree of accountability.

We are also looking forward to implementing the Xpring package to donate to charities in the form of XRP. Once we have this implemented, we will add home-screen notifications of causes that are in desperate need of immediate help (ex: helping a third-world country after a devastating hurricane) and encourage the user to temporarily change their preferred charity to support this cause. Then, because we are using the XRP, the users will be able to immediately donate to these often time-sensitive causes. This will make the app further innovative and grow its social impact.

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