Throughout the education system, it is common to demand accountability. We demand it of schools through standardized tests. We demand it of teachers through student rankings. We demand it of students if they want to get into a top university and we give each of them report cards which prominently present their performance.

We rank universities. We rate profs. We have websites listing bird courses.

However, the one area where little to no accountability is demanded is for educational materials, despite the vast amount of money spent on them as well as the enormous impact they have on learning (as funding cuts mean they can easily remain in service for 20 or more years).

The cost of textbooks has soared by 1,041 percent since 1977, more than three times the rate of inflation. Yet there is absolutely no proof that any of this extra spending provides any value.

What it does

It provides a toolkit with which to analyze textbooks or online lessons for everything from usability to poorly phrased sentences to poor practice questions.

How I built it

It is built using Flask and standard Python web technologies. Many features such as the mouse tracking and mapping were done with JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

I used Flask, a framework which I had never used before but hoped to integrate with various data science libraries. Unfortunately I did not get the databases to work in full, so no machine learning could be applied. It also took far more time to integrate the charting than desired, forcing cuts to the analytics side of development.

What's next for Accountable Learning

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