We were talking within our team on the first day of the hackathon, and at one point we were talking about "cutting" and "bulking" and other fitness jargon that is popular. Everybody "wants" to live healthy lives, and students are no different. The biggest thing is motivation, as it can be difficult to get ourselves up in the morning to make a full proper breakfast, or to go on that early morning run. What we decided to create is an app that rewards you and pushes you forward with some of your healthy lifestyle goals!

What it does

GRO allows keeping your fitness up interactive and fun. This is done by using a point system to try to beat your friends. The tasks that you do result in "points" that add up towards certain goals and experience points. So, once you reach a certain amount of points, whether that is through reaching a personal best, or making a healthy dinner, you gain experience points, and level up towards better challenges and rewards.

A big part of this also is the social aspect - we want to motivate our friends so they will do the same for us. That's why we introduce "investments" which allow you or your friends to "invest" in the person to do a challenge. If they perform the challenge, both individuals get their points and experience.

Lets make this fun too. There are also things called "challenges", where you can challenge a person to do a specific task, whether that be participate in a race, or go exercise for 4 days straight. If the person who you challenged doesn't end up doing the task, they lose those points, but if they do complete the task, they are rewarded with more points!

How we built it

GRO uses an Android app to connect with your challenges, and be able to see your experience, level and point total. The front-end was created with XML, and the backend is a mixture of Firebase and Java.

What's next for GRO

We are going to continue to GRO, and think about different sorts of libraries or API's that will be available to be used. For example, having access to your facebook friends will make things easier tracking your friends. Introducing other apps that could work with ours, such as myFitnessPal or Strava, can help people be more interactive with the apps they are already using.

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