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Everyone has goals that they're shooting for, whether that's working out 5 times a week, preparing for technical interviews through LeetCode grinding, acing an operating systems class, or self teach programming. Such activities may be easy to say but hard to implement, as we're often carried away through lack of motivation or other priorities. This situation exacerbated with today's social distancing as the pandemic takes a toll on many people's mental health. Our app, AccountabilitySpace, addresses this problem by allowing users to identify their some top goals/mission and matching them with another person with similar goals/mission and holding weekly meetings to make sure those goals are met.

What it does

Users first choose a mission that they want to work with. It could be as general as something like "exercise", or as specific as something like "prepare for software engineering interviews". Users are then matched with another person with similar goals/mission. The users then set weekly meetings (perhaps with google meet and calendar) where they discuss their weekly goals (such as doing 10 LeetCode questions) and whether they met previous weeks' goals. The users are accountable for fulfilling their own goals and making sure that their partner also reaches that goal, ensuring that we "walk the walk" instead of "talk the talk". At the end of every week, both users have to fill out a feedback form, which includes the goals they've discussed in the meeting for the upcoming week, as well as whether or not the partner fulfilled the past week's goals. The partners can agree upon a penalty/guideline upon being matched, such as if a partner fails to complete 3 weeks of goals in 2 months, then the person who isn't accountable in his or her actions gets removed from the accountability circle and the accountable user gets a new partner instead.

How we built it

Frontend: HTML/CSS, Python Flask Backend: Django, PostgresSQL (hosted on Google Cloud Platform) Deployed on:

Challenges we ran into

We had 3 different timezones (U.S., India and Brazil). We had two first time hackers who are new to hackathons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fortunately, we're able to overcome the differences in timezone through efficient communication, team meetings, and effective delegation of tasks.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the backend, including Django, database models, and hosting on GCP.

What's next for AccountabilitySpace

As stretch features, we could like to a mobile app as well as chat application that allows communication between the accountability partners to be much more efficient.

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