We all need help with achieving things in life. I built this because I know my friends and I could always use someone that just their sole job is to help us become better individuals and help us grow. I've been using it daily and I've gotten much needed work done.

What it does

Accountability Buddy is the future of a more productive generation. We all need help and support to achieve our dreams and goals. Buddy is just that. In a clever an intuitive way, Buddy helps individuals live more meaningful lives through the support and help and knowledge of buddy. Want to publish a book, live a healthier life? Buddy can help with all of that and much more. Just simply tell it what you want to work on and it will help you along the way. The best AI assistant there has ever been.

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just completing this project and having an Alexa skill is huge and to be a part of the next wave in technology.

What I learned

JavaScript, Typescript and so much more

What's next for Accountability Buddy

Really building it and getting user feedback to continue improving it.

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