The new platform of A360 which comes loaded with features inspired me to be a part of Hackathon.

What it does

This comes under Finance. The Bot helps to create a new Bank Account in a less painful manner. Now the concerned person need not go through the essential documents and fill the data in the system manually or send the information to the next authority for Account creation. The BOT would read the capture the information from the Documents [ here Aadhar Card ]. The Accountant would verify the details captured and send the data to the concerned team for verification or to the concerned team for account creation.

How we built it

It has been on the A360 Platform. The features used are AARI, IQ BOT, and AA BOT. The IQ Bot reads information from the Aadhar card which contains information for account creation. After reading, the Accountant validates the information and sends it to the concerned team for creation.

Challenges we ran into

Capturing data from Aadhar Card.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Easiness with which the BAnk account is opened now.

What we learned

There is a lot of scope in Finance domain for Automation using A360. Using IQ BOT Capabilities, AARI we can ease many processes, Account opening is one of them.

What's next for Account Opening Process

Reading other types of documents needed in the Account Opening Process.

Built With

  • a360
  • aari
  • automation
  • iqbot
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