My passive interest in investing and saving has given me a fair background on how various sources of positive and negative interest effect long-term fiscal returns. I would like to be able to improve the dissemination of this information via user-accessible utility program.

What it does

By taking user's various accounts and their associated interest rates into account - including savings accounts, money market accounts, 401(k)s, credit cards, and other loans, and also taking the average annual U.S. currency inflation rate into account, this program would graphically visualize the long-term growth or shrinkage of the user's assets and liabilities based on investment factors provided by said user.

How I built it

Still in progress - Currently using Java with Swing in order to build a usable GUI.

Challenges I ran into

Still in progress. Major set-back in trying to get graphical image elements to render within the application window.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Still in progress.

What I learned

Still in progress.

What's next for Account Interest Forecast Aggregator

Still in progress.

Built With

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