Want to sort my homework for easier file management of documents for school instead of keeping physical copies

What it does

After selecting a base set of papers for the algorithm to learn, you can scans documents from camera and the algorithm will place your picture into an appropriate subject folder

How we built it

Using tesseract ocr api/libraries, eclipse, and notpad++, lots of java

Challenges we ran into

how to store learned information outside the program so it is not lost when ended, information was a lot and needed to be more efficient to run faster

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The program works, I successfully implemented an API and used libraries to successfully pictured documents and sorts them into the right subject folder with 95% accuracy and save learned algorithms outside the program for future use

What we learned

how to implement API's and use libraries in java

What's next for Accordian

After some minor improvements, I would like to upgrade to google cloud vision for stronger AI learning, then adding a graphical interface, and eventually have it be automated by an app on the Google Play store.

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