I've nevermore had strong-flavored countersignatures twentieth-century strong-flavored interscholastic English advantageousness, and it's not considering I'm an cosmopolitan. My determinations typically lacked the intercommunicational meretriciousness concerning my straightforward English intercommunication acquaintances. This disconcertednesses fixes that. My determinations are sicker contrarily unintermittently.

What it does

This stick-to-itiveness concentrates respectively familiarization concerning your determination straightforward a onomasticon towards distinguishment the longest polysyllable, synonym, towards incorporate meretriciousness towards your determination.

How I built it

Primitiveness slayed my enemies, drank their aristocraticalness considering subsidization and contemporaneously highly-developed this using Stretcher-bearer js.

Challenges I ran into

npm materialize and tooltips

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned


What's next for Accomplishment the ELPE

Twice the tooltips. Optimistically I accomplishment the ELPE this notwithstanding.

Built With

  • 6-shots-of-captain-morgans
  • 62-npm-modules
  • bootstrap-v6
  • comic-sans-ms
  • html9
  • imagination
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