Inspiration - Our inspiration for Accompany comes from Hackathon itself. Until two weeks before the event we had no idea it even existed until a friend introduced us to it. What we came to realize is that this is a common trend with activities in the DFW Area. We wanted a way to explore the different communities and events in your local area while facilitating making new friends.

What it does - Our app is a repository of events in your local area but more than that its centered around meeting new people. We realized that there may be events people want to go to but they may be unable to find others to go with we developed Accompany. It connects new people into groups based around their interests and events they're planning on attending.

How we built it - Our app is built using the Android Studio IDE with java, SQlite, and the Google API

Challenges we ran into - Our main challenge in developing Accompany was learning how to develop an Android app. this was a first time experience for all the members of our team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - If learning to develop the Android app was our biggest challenge then it was also our greatest accomplishment. In the short amount of time at Hackathon we learned how to do a variety of different functions in an entirely new system of coding for our team.

What we learned - We learned a lot about the design of a product as multiple times we had to go back to pen and paper and chart out how to connect the classes we designed. Overall this was a great experience in real world development of an idea outside of the classroom.

What's next for Accompany - While we are happy with our progress, we are looking forward to developing this even further in the next couple of months and hope to publish it on the Android marketplace by the end of the summer.

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