An average American spends 5 months and an average Canadian spends 4 months going through the job recruitment process. As the number of available jobs increases, so does the competition. It takes 100–200 job applications to get one job offer according to Talent Works and spends 10-20 hours a week on job applications and search. According to The Open University, 79% of job seekers say they are likely to use social media in their job search and this increases to 86% for younger job seekers. What if, there was a way for job seekers to apply with a click. What if there was a way to review applications in a flash. What if we created a modern approach? With accima you can do that!

What it does

Accima, an app for replacing the modern HR system and entering a new recruitment system for the 21st century using a smart artificial intelligence system. With Accima, your qualification skills will be reviewed by artificial intelligence using mathematics and trained using machine learning. In Accima, we are able to review vocal skills for proper and appropriate tones. Are you applying for an actor/actress job? Your acting skills can be examined using vision AI to judge if you have adequate body movement and expected facial expression. Do you have sample photography to showcase your skill? Does it take time for recruiters to go through all submissions? Definitely! With Accima, we can instantly grade your photography using a machine learning model trained in CNN (convolutional neural network). A sharp and crisp image will definitely win you bonus points. A company in the process of hiring recognized your skills and abilities? Let's get on a live call with your recruiter. Accima built with Vonage API and Facebook AI library, we can accurately scan for your tone and expression in real-time. Are you nervous? With Accima, you will no longer encounter any bias or discrimination from the HR recruiter. Everyone disregarding gender, race, and ethnicity, will have an equal and right opportunity to apply for a new job. Last April, 86 percent of employers switched to conducting job interviews through videoconferencing technology as one way to still see candidates when they couldn't meet face-to-face, according to a survey from Gartner Inc. With remote work continuing into 2021 for many businesses, brushing up on your video interview skills could be the key to getting hired. Consistent body language provides an opportunity to convince the interviewer of your worth as a candidate, as up to 93% of human communication is actually conveyed via body language. In addition to gestures, facial expressions, and posture, the volume, and tone of your voice play a role. Only 7% of our total attention is actually given over to the content itself. (

How we built it

  • Firebase Authentication - Login and Register Users
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging - Chat
  • Firebase Storage - Store Videos and Images
  • Firebase Admin - Python SDK
  • Firebase Firestore - Store AI + NLP Information & Storage of User Info
  • Firebase Cloud Functions - Push Notifications
  • Google Maps API - Locate Jobs
  • Google Analytics - Understand Users on the Platform
  • Cloud Vision - Analyze Body Language
  • Vonage Voice API - Ability to Call Job Recruiters with Emotion Analysis
  • Vonage Video API - Video Call Job Recruiters with NLP to help recruiters better analyze users
  • Opentok - Vonage - WebRTC Library from Vonage
  • IBM Cloud Foundry - API Hosting
  • IBM Watson Speech to Text - Use NLP + Watson Assistant to Extract Text from Videos with NN with 94% Accuracy
  • IBM Watson Tone Analyzer - Use NLP + Watson Assistant to Analyze and Understand User Emotion with a 75% Accuracy
  • Facebook Authentication - Authenticate Users with Facebook
  • Tensorflow - Analyze Images Submitted and Grading using CUDA and NN with 99.4% Accuracy
  • Flask - Creation of Python RESTful API
  • Moviepy - Convert Video to Text
  • Node.JS - Javascript Framework
  • Express - Creation of Video Chat Rooms
  • Flutter - Mobile UI Framework
  • Dart - Mobile Language
  • Adobe XD - Design

Challenges we ran into

  1. Time Crunch
  2. Large Amount of Features to Implement
  3. Combine different languages with limited resources
  4. Limited Knowledge of Flutter (Our First Time Using it)
  5. Limited Knowledge of IBM (Our First Time Using IBM)
  6. Limited Datasets available for Machine Learning

Slowly but surely we resolved every problem we had faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud of using the Google Cloud Platform
  • We are proud of using IBM Cloud
  • We are proud of using Vonage API
  • We are proud of using technologies we have not used before
  • We are proud that we will be able to start sharing this platform after this hackathon is over
  • We are proud that people will be able to use this
  • We are proud of overcoming our obstacles
  • We were able to accomplish all functionalities
  • Most of all we had fun!

What we learned

We learned so much throughout the course of the hackathon. We will continue to use technologies that were new this weekend and implement them in future projects, such as the IBM Cloud, Vonage API, and Flutter. As jobs continue to reopen, we wanted to make sure the users had the best experience with our product which all of these new technologies and Google Cloud have let us accomplish.

What's next for Accima

  • Continue to Implement Features
  • Deploy this into production and have people use it
  • Solve some issues that we encountered into a permanent fix with the Google Cloud and IBM Cloud
  • Implement Vonage API Natively in Flutter
  • Add more features
  • Get feedback

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