In an age when I can just push a button to parallel park my car for me ,* why is it when I get into accident, do I still have to get my fat ass out of my car to waste my time exchanging personal information with the [A-hole]Jerk? that hits me just so he could use it to steal my identity . * With our Accident-ly app this will never have to happen again . Accidently makes use of VinLIs car dongle to detect when a collusion occurs and triggers a series of events that automatically completes the entire post-accident paperwork pain for us. When an accident happens , our app is able to take a 360 degree snap shot of the area, auto generates a populated insurance claim form , and provides optional messaging services to both the other parties involved AND the friendly 5 OHS! Vinlis LTE web capabilities enable all information about the accident to be instantly recorded and pushed to the cloud . This information includes weather data, lat /long gps , and car telemetry providing as much information possible to establish

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