For this hackathon, we really wanted to create a website, something that people could use. Having an executable is cool, but we wanted to be sure that any regular person with an internet access could access this page. While our page cannot be accessed due to ATM's server firewall, anywhere else our website can be accessed (including on your phone)!

What it does

Currently, it only displays the accident locations in Texas. You just type in the name of the city you want in Texas, and boom, it shows you the city with the accident information on the map.

How we built it

We used Wolfram Alphas technology to analyze our dataset of over 138,000 lines in an excel file, and then based on that data, when you enter a search on our website, it will pull up the desired map. Due to the original size of the State Farm Data set, an excel file over 1 gb, we have to chop it down to just Texas.

Challenges I ran into

First of all, we had to narrow down our original data set to just Texas, because we wanted to be sure Wolfram could analyze our data. Once we changed that, our next problem was getting the website to display our map data with the accident info overlayed on it. Originally, we wanted it to be dynamic, so you could drag the map, but Wolfram does not currently support that. Then, once we got that working, we attempted to display our graphs, but we were unable to display the graphs on the website. Given more time, we would have gotten it working. Also, due to our dataset, smaller cities do not have many data points. This is solely the problem with the amount of data we have. Our website works best on big Texas cities like Houston, Dallas, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we finally got our first working website! Also, we were able to analyze the largest dataset we have ever attempted to analyze, and we got a working project.

What we learned

We learned how easy it was to pick up a new programming language after know the basics of code. We learned how to use Wolfram alphas language, and we think we can use it in the future.

What's next for Accident Info Visualization

Next we want to add graphs to our website that show statistics like drunk driving accidents, and things like that. Also, we would like to be able to visualize data over the entire US instead of just Texas.
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