Accidents happen all the time, some more unfortunate than others. Today, critical crash statistics and footages are recorded and stored locally in the car. Informing the next-of-kin depends on passer-bys to alert the police, and the police to retrieve relevant contact information. What if the storage device is destroyed or lost in the crash? What if a life is lost in the precious minutes of delay in contacting the family or next of kin?

Accidents happen all the time, and we certainly don’t want anymore unfortunate events to follow.

How it works

When a crash happens, we want to ensure that video footage from front and rear facing dashboard cameras along with critical crash statistics is recorded in the cloud. Also we want to ensure that precious minutes is not lost in informing the nearest hospital and the next-of-kin of details of the crash.

How it works:

  • When the driver starts the car, video footage from dashboard cameras and car statistics will begin streaming live to a server in the cloud.
  • The server will store a rolling data stream of the latest 15 seconds of the dashcam video footage and car statistics.
  • Upon a crash:
  • the server will initiate a save of the last 15 seconds of the dashcam footage and car statistics
  • the server will also record the post-crash footage and car statistics
  • an SMS and email with GPS coordinates of the crash will be dispatched to the next-of-kin and nearest hospital emergency service
  • Crash detection will be detected via a trigger event (such as a rapid deceleration/change in direction) from backend to initiate the save and recording.
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