The AccidentAssist App for Android devices can detect when a vehicle accident has occurred, and automatically requests assistance via a text message. This provides a similar function to the Ford SYNC 911 Assist, but using a text message instead of a phone call, allowing any number to be nominated as the emergency contact.

By monitoring vehicle drive data from a Bluetooth OpenXC interface, the app looks for a very rapid deceleration to a standstill while the vehicle is exceeding a minimum speed threshold (40km/h). In a heavy impact the vehicle will typically come to rest in less than 500 milliseconds. The app checks to see if the engine has stopped, which will be the case if the vehicle has been involved in a heavy impact where an airbag has deployed.

The app (which can run as a background service) will then come to the foreground, sound a loud audible alarm and display a countdown. If the user does not take action to cancel the countdown, the app will send an automated text message to the nominated number. This message includes the GPS location, time of the accident, the speed from which the collision occurred and the user's name and contact number.

By providing such an early notification of the accident, with the exact location and an indication of the severity, the app aims to provide the user with the best chance of a rapid response in the vital "Golden Hour" following the accident. This is equally important in a rural environment or at night as although traffic may be light, it may otherwise be some time before the accident is discovered by passers by.

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