We wanted to build a system that would support All-State and other insurance agencies for better customer experience and reduce their expenses by minimizing the wage for investigating agents.

What it does

   Our vehicle has an accelerometer that tracks the acceleration of the vehicle which finds the situation of an accident and sends the warning mail to them as well as their parents.

How we built it

  We started off with the use of 3 axes digital accelerometer that transmits data using I2C protocol. Using the Arduino IDE we analyzed the data for the De-acceleration of the car and sent the data to raspberry pi for further processing using serial data transfer protocol. Using the SMTP protocol with the support of Google server for email services we sent real-time data(A emergency text with a real-time picture and video clip from the module to the stored email addresses)We used python, C++, shell script and lots of research about libraries.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Issue with Arduino.
  2. We broke our motor so, we couldn't use it in the vehicle.
  3. Integration with the camera.
  4. Our camera's wire tore up at last hour.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 It worked at last with an excellent result.
 We were successful in managing the sensor and the data base collected by the it.
 We were successful in sending email alert to the users and their parents.

What we learned

Implementation of python in the real world.
Use of Arduino to set the sensitivity of the sensor.

What's next for Accident alert System

We can use I cloud and Google drive to store our pictures and video captured by the camera during the accident.
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PuspaRaj Thapaliya posted an update

We have built a system for tracking the various condition of a car and sending the information remotely. Basically, it is like a black-box of an aero-plane which is used for the purpose of facilitating the investigation of accidents and incidents. Using raspberry pi, arduino with shield , accelerometer , an usb camera and python.

When your car gets crashed, the accelerometer value changes by high number. This situation alerts the system to take pictures and videos which are then send to customer and customer's emergency contacts by the insurance company. I hope this system helps the insurance company to provide better customer experiences.

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