Taking the transit through the city with millions of other people, it can be easy to assume that they are experiencing life the same way as you. However, people who possess a handicap or disability have a radically different experience, undergoing a disproportionate amount of stress while commuting compared to everyone else.

Out of more than 400 MTA Stations, only 20% have accessible elevators/ramps for the handicapped. On top of that, roughly 75% of those elevators work at all times. With this, how are people with disabilities supposed to navigate through New York? They have to bank on working elevators or available ramps at the closest station to them, in order to go about their daily lives, and are left with virtually no other options if their bet doesn't pay off.


Accessibly is an interactive mobile application designed to inform users on the status of the accessible stations in an efficient and easy way. Simply login to the app with your phone number and a list of ALL accessible stations are populated; red means it's broken, black means it's not. Accessibly also allows for crowdsourcing, users are able to report the status real-time, so that the lists are even more accurate.

Accessibly is different from the other applications because of the point system gamification. Future plans could include partnering up with organizations like the ADA or Heartshare to provide prizes for dedicated users. This gives users incentive to use the app, and also help everyone else out!

How we built it

Accessibly is completely built on Swift. It utilizes the Twilio Verify API for user authentication, and also utilizes SwiftSoup to scrape HTML data.

Challenges we ran into

We had a small team, and we didn't have too much programming experience. But we spent the night grinding and asking questions and finally created a working product.

What's next for Accessibly

Partnering up with ADA or Heartshare? Making the design better, utilizing more sign-in methods, better implementation, who knows? There are many possibilities.

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