SF is very transit-friendly, but not as much for wheelchair-bound travelers. There are many MUNI stations throughout SF that do not have accessible elevators or platforms, and existing applications (e.g. GoogleMaps) do not provide an option for custom routing to avoid inaccessible stops.

What it does

*A user can put in a search for public transit directions to a destination. You'll be alerted if your final public transit destination is inaccessible, allowing you to select a more accessible path.

How we built it

*We created user stories, wireframes, and our git workflow up front. *We split into front end and back end teams. Everyone took on new learning challenges. *We determined inputs and outputs to be passed between the teams. *We researched APIs and sites for GoogleMaps, NextBus, Muni and BART. *We attempted to put it all together. *We continued to re-evaluate and modify our MVP throughout.

Challenges we ran into

*Converting XML to JSON *Passing scraped information to the appropriate format to the front-end *Positioning the map when window expands *Working with new languages and frameworks

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*Scraping the appropriate data from Muni site *Learning Flask, UI, UX *Making the site hella responsive (mobile!)

What we learned

*Python, Flask, ReactJS! *Git Workflow with a team and branching *Kanban boarding *Differences between bootcamps *Seeing how other people work, learning from others

What's next for AccessibleSF

*Twilio SMS texting of directions *Additional pathfinding capabilities (waypoints)

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Today is refactoring Day #2. Currently working on cleaning up some wayward branches and finding... lots to fix. Beh. Our hope is to get this up and running within the next few weeks-- our prototype was close to being functional but definitely had its fair share of bugs. Priority #1 this week will to resolve bugs we've already encountered, then to expand and incorporate BART accessibility afterward. We're talking about meeting again some time this week or next-- please feel free to stay tuned!

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