According to 2012 Statistics Canada survey(, dexterity make up 3.5% of disability of Canadians. We wanted to make a solution that is open-source, easy and cheap to assemble, and simple to use.

What it does

It's a grip arm assembly connected to Arduino, translating speech to Arduino command. It can be worn under a glove to help people with gripping disabilities grip things better, and not stand out while they do it.

How I built it

I modelled the assembly with Solidworks, and worked on the servo arm with Arduino. The coding portion was done in Arduino's IDE.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the Arduino to work was definitely a challenge since the kit lend from the library did not have a microphone. However, we used a microphone program in my teammate's laptop to connect to Arduino successfully.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're incredibly proud of the fact that all of our code were open-source, or based on open-source code available online. We modelled the assembly ourselves and thus can put everything out for free. Anyone can take our assembly, 3D print it to their hand's size, buy and assemble an Arduino kit, and have this assistive device ready to use.

What's next for Accessible Power Grip

Improve on design and Arduino code.

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