Inspiration For the last few years I have worked at the rehab department. During my work, I have many amazing individuals that inspired me to do well and changed my whole perspective on what a challenge really is. Each and every individual I have is waiting for the chance to come and give back to the community. For that, I hope to empower them to be able to just do that.

What it does A phone application that collects sensor data and makes a different prediction about the route a wheelchair user is taking. Prediction on the inclination of the road, how bumpy it's and report any road work that can affect other wheelchair users in the area.

How we built it: Using Esri Apis and Android phone sensors.

Challenges we ran into First time user of ESRI Apis. It took a while for me to get familiar with their codebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of, went for A walk with App this morning, and when I saw my data presenting different road conditions that I never saw in any commercial product before.

What we learned Learning new technology is hard! Regardless of how much experience you think you have.

What's next for AccessibilityX, Automating more tools that can detect if a shop is accessible.

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