It's difficult for differently abled to use the web so we want to help to fix the web

What it does

It's a chrome extension it gets fired up while opening any website and fix the points of accessibility weakness. So that differently abled people can access the website with ease.

How I built it

Checked if the website complies with W3 a Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Used a Wave API for figure out the weak points. After a WAVE api call we will know the spots where we can edit and fix the problem. If the alternative tag is missing in the IMG tag, we are using Google-Cloud-Vision API to figure out what's the picture about. We are also solving the issue of Label missing in form, Language missing in HTML tag, Button's purpose, also changing the link's (font weight and underlining it) for better visibility to the differently abled people.

Challenges I ran into

There was no possibility of using Nodejs in Chrome extension, hence, we had to use pure client side JS framework jquery which was tedious at times. Also, we couldn't manually change css to put in more change.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Helping the differently abled. This project is for a noble cause

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