When designing websites and applications, user accessibility is not always given the priority it deserves, especially when it comes to those who have certain physical challenges. Even when user accessibility is implemented, there is a real need for user feedback to assure that the implementation will actually function as intended. This creates a need for the services of those who face these challenges, which in turn creates the chance for users to receive compensation for their feedback.

What it does:

Our team hopes that our implementation will provide a platform for creators to receive feedback from their users, as well as providing an opportunity for users to have their voices and opinions heard, as well as providing an additional stream of income for users.

How we built it:

Our project is built using:

  • Express web framework.
  • MongoDB, to store our users and company information.
  • MediaRecorder API, for screen recording.
  • Cloudinary API, for cloud storage and recording playback.

Challenges we ran into:

At the start of the project, our team lacked familiarity with screen recording and file upload into the cloud, which gave us the opportunity to learn about what technologies are available to implement the screen sharing feature over the internet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We're extremely proud of all of our accomplishments at Shellhacks 2019, where we were able to meet each member of the team, and collaborate in an environment that allowed each of our personal strengths and abilities to contribute to this project in a meaningful way.

We are proud to be able to bring awareness to the needs of users with certain physical challenges that often get overlooked, as well as in our efforts to give them a platform where they can not only provide their valuable feedback to content creators, but also be compensated for their time and effort.

What we learned:

The importance of testing, version control, and strong communication. We were able to use individual skills learned outside of Shellhacks, gain familiarity with new technologies, and bring it together as a team to build a product that promotes communication between users and content creators that will help improve and expand website accessibility features.

We further learned that in order to maximize a team's use of resources, a project road map is invaluable. The importance of project management, especially in the early stages, cannot be understated. The lessons that we have learned in this area will carry forward into all our future efforts, ensuring that we will make a higher priority of prioritizing workflow planning and organization of the team's resources.

What's next for Accessibility Testing Platform:

We have plans to implement the addition of webcam recording, to allow further input from the users. We also intend to further refine the site UI/UX eperience, in order to provide a smooth and accessible website for bother users and creators.

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