Team Name

Accessibild (Team #69, Table# 20)


MIT Media Lab, Floor 6, Multipurpose Room (front table by the entrance)

Idea Inspiration

Accessibild can allow for faster and more cost efficient access, with people and society in mind. Accessible design and compliance with ADA standards for buildings and physical spaces are critical to achieving barrier-free living and working, and growing equity and inclusion in society. As an issue of increasing importance in the United States, and as universal design is becoming more prevalent worldwide, there is a need to address the gaps in the compliance assessment process, specifically wasted time and cost associated with the redundant site visits from various stakeholders. This AR app has immediate impact, with no customization needed, for a multiple user segments: US Federal, State and Local government, small to large businesses, contractors, architectural boards and consultants, among others.

Use Case

Any building/ facilities manager, contractor or consultant wanting to audit an existing bathroom for ADA compliance.

Development Tools Used to Build the Project

  • Unity 3D
  • Visual Studio
  • Inkscape
  • Azure Cognitive Services

SDKs Used

  • Universal Windows SDK
  • Unity Game Engine

APIs Used

  • (HoloLens)Spatial Mapping
  • (HoloLens)Spatial Sound
  • (HoloLens)Speech recognition
  • ARFoundation (not ended up in final product)
  • ARCore (not ended up in final product)
  • Azure

Assets Used (not created by us)

Libraries Used

  • Included in Unity & UWP
  • MixedRealityToolkit (from Microsoft @Github)
  • Json.NET from Newtonsoft

Components Not Created at the Hackathon


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