We’d tried a lot of WordPress membership plugins that limited our options for designing the ultimate user-friendly membership area that we dreamed of.

Some were flexible, but couldn’t scale when we added over 10,000 members to our programs… we constantly had to deal with people not receiving their logins or being unable to change their passwords without emailing us. This was a customer service nightmare for us, and sometimes the heavy user load slowed our membership site down so much that it was unusable.

Other plugins “said they integrate with Infusionsoft” but in reality we couldn’t use the rich tag data in our Infusionsoft account to create customized user experiences for our members. That individual user data is half the reason many of us to turn to more robust systems like Infusionsoft, so it felt like a waste not to be able to use it all.

Still, other WordPress plugins force you into non-intuitive designs that end up looking like everyone else’s website… And at AmbitionAlly, we believe that being unique and standing out in your market is a great way to grow your business and have a strong brand recognition that lasts.

As developers, we knew that we could bring a new solution to the market place that solved our own problems, and that there were other people out there who were also frustrated with their lack of membership options.

What it does

If you’ve got high standards when it comes to user experience for your customers (like us!) then you’ll love that AccessAlly…

  • Integrates with any WordPress theme, so you can make any design you can dream up a reality…
  • Generates and automatically sends an email with login information to new users (both paid customers and free sign ups if you want to offer a free course or “locked content”)
  • Lets people reset their own passwords, so you don’t have to login to Infusionsoft and manually change passwords ever again (woohoo!)
  • Hosts as many courses and programs as you want inside one members area, so your customers don’t have to keep track of all their logins – and you can cross sell between all your offers (sweet sounds of cash!)
  • Saves you from meticulous tasks by automatically creating all of the Infusionsoft tags you’ll need for new courses and programs you create
  • Allows you to run “timed release” courses where pages unlock on an individual evergreen schedule, or as a whole for a live program
  • Takes care of pesky recurring payment issues, by letting your customers add or update credit card details so you don’t have to chase them down again and you get to keep more of the money you earn
  • Displays future payments and past invoices, so no one is confused or surprised about upcoming payments or what content they’ve purchased
  • Shows off each of your courses in a badge format that indicates if a users has access to a course or not, so you can sell more of your programs without being pushy
  • Houses multi-media courses of all kinds, including videos, PDFs, mp3s into customizable modules and pages
  • And that’s just for starters – we’ve got some sweet new features in active development…
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